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Promote your business or products to esteemed users of our platform inclusive of investors (retail and institutional), fund managers, financial advisors, regulators, stock brokers, companies, private equity, amongst others.

An increasing number of financial services providers and other stakeholders advertising on Proshare have since discovered that the Proshare website works for them because of the following:

  • Proshare is the No.#1 financial information hub in Nigeria offering a niche service with the largest followership made up of local and Diaspora community of investors;
  • Proshare has an extensive network of partners who are market leaders and provide high quality content exclusively shared on the site;
  • Proshare has built a database of companies, persons and stakeholders in the market place to create the basis for being called a common denominator for the market:
  • Proshare has a visible social media presence and has integrated this with its online portals to create a seamless digital experience for users;
  • Proshare deploys an AD-Space rental model for brand, product and service campaigns that saves cost, increases visibility and provides a value-for-money outlay;

When it comes to advertising your business, products & services, Proshare is one partner who understands not only the big picture, but more importantly how best to focus on your communication needs. We help you make the most of your budget by leveraging technology enabled solutions to maximize the brand and service awareness you seek, generating the desired leads necessary to sustain your interest.

Beyond Advertising

We seek that you consider us as an extension of your business communication; as we allow you get on with your day's job, doing the work you will like your advert do for you. Follow our #ServiceAwarenessSaturday promotions.

Target Your Audience

Depending on your brand and trade marketing objectives, we calibrate our deployment platforms to ensure users and target publics see your adverts. This is more so for partner contracts that have the full use of the Proshare suite available to them.

Engage with your Audience

Our platform allows you the ability to target online users based on their online activities, the content of the pages they visit and information they submit online. In addition, we offer an enquiry response service that acts like a lead generator or intermediation service.

Space Rental Advertising Service

Our Advertising solutions for partners allows you to operate the advert space like a 'property rental' - offering you the opportunity to run multiple campaigns configured as one single transaction over a pre-determined period.

Advertising Post Intervention Reports

We provide a complete campaign setup that delivers an initial advert design/concept advisory, an optimized AD placement all through to a periodic PIR - Post Intervention Report at no extra cost to clients.


What determines your cost? You can spend at a level dependent on your budget and the length of your campaign.

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